CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: GirLead Innovation Fellowship

The Basileia Vulnerable Persons Rights Initiative,New Nigeria Movement, and YIAGA Africa are calling on interested individuals in Kaduna and Zaria to participate in the GirLead Innovation fellowship Program. The Program is a 6months fellowship that will provide a platform for young girls in the target states to gain skills, develop capacity, and to be able to advocate for peace and young leadership space in their communities. The training will provide an avenue for young people to learn the Nexus between peace building and inclusive governance.

The I6 Days of activism for elimination of Violence Against Women

The I6 Days of activism for elimination of Violence Against Women

BVPRI is Deliberate and will Orange the world as we Commision our Girls CenterThe I6 Days of activism for elimination of Violence Against Women this year is special for us at The Basileia Vulnerable Persons Rights Initiative’s as we response to the call for global actions to increase awareness, galvanize advocacy efforts, and share knowledge and innovations and we are deliberate run with the Campaign for the next 16 Years using preventive approach we will eliminate Violence Against Women by first of all Commissioning the girls center ,that will empowered women and girls to rise above violence which is deeply rooted in inequalities For us, Everyday for the next 16years we are committing to girl centered programming to ensure Gender Justice which seeks to achieve gender equality(SDG 5) and empower all women and girls. … Women’s and girls’ access to education will improved; the rate of child marriage will fall and progress will been made in the area of sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights, including fewer maternal deaths Hence we are leveraging on Information technology. We will leave no Woman behind, and girls will lead that procession because it has been proven that educated women are more likely to visit health facilities, more likely to take their children to school and climb out of poverty.(SDG 1)The center will run trainings back to back to ensure that girls are empowered with the right resources, by resources we mean information, technologies, ecologically based Capacity until they become part of the solution We will work with victims of Gender Based violence to find their voices, through training in advocacy .Join us this Monday, 14th December, 2020, by 3pm, as we Commission the girl center.

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Globally communities interpret biological differences between men and women to create a set of social expectations that define the behaviors that are ‘’appropriate’’ for men and women determine women and men’s different to rights , resources , power in society and health behaviors’, there are tendencies to favor men , this creates imbalance in power and gender inequality , Gender equality is about putting human rights first regardless of the sex and not placing , putting sex based social structures. This perceives gender roles find its way into the work space thereby creating so many imbalances. For there to be balance in any sector; Men and women should work together. There are laws that are silent about gender equality what’s worse is that it has become a major factor that annoys the future of work, It is the rights of women to become data scientists, software developers/Engineers and Artificial Intelligence specialists; Sadly this fields are largely dominated by men with no chance of shrinking the gender digital gap this is even more dangerous than we think, it is a ticking time bomb. There is a need to establish a clear mindset for gender equality in our work space to safe guide the future of work. 
What is the future work?
As technology pushes many entrepreneurs and startups towards a “new era of work”, we also face the impending reality of 2 billion jobs disappearing by 2030. So how will these changes affect women? 
There is already a wide gender gap in the workspaces and with the future of work Artificial intelligence is pivotal and a skill in ICT should be top on our priorities especially for women. Technology is revolutionizing the world by providing tools for entrepreneurship, access to critical health and education, and life-enhancing information. Today, 1.7 billion women in low- and middle-income countries still do not own mobile phones, and the gap between the number of men and women using the internet has grown steadily over the past three years, resulting in a digital gender divide. This digital gender divide is reinforcing or even exacerbating existing socioeconomic gaps between men and women. By reducing this divide, women and girls will have access to information, networks, and services, driving inclusive economic growth and accelerating poverty alleviation. ICT is a 21st century skills and having access to internet is not living in present day realities; 
To be able to reach gender parity, the gender digital gap must close up sufficient enough to safeguard the future of work. 
Gender and the future of works means if we don’t get more women in ICT we will not be able to achieve the Sustainable development goals and the Agenda 2063.
Gender inequality will continue to widen except gender digital gaps are bridged and the future of work depends on these. More women should be equipped with skills in ICT, the cost of not doing so, far out weights the cost and the advantages have been underused, while some states are increasing the months for maternity leave to show solidarity with women in child bearing, my preferred intervention will be to equipped these women with skills in ICT, so that they can still work from home and take care of babies so that productivity will not drop. 
For the sake of the future of work more women should be equipped with digital skills; the opportunity outweighs the disadvantages. Women skills should be harnessed to live in the present day’s realities and the future to come. So that if workers are being replaced by robots, women will create the robots.



According to the state of the girls report as reported by Girl Effect, Among populations living in poverty, including Nigeria, girls face a range of additional challenges and barriers to their development, simply because they are girls. As girls enter adolescence, they encounter more pronounced gender roles and gender discrimination, which can severely limit their access to assets (even in non-poor households with adequate assets). Patriarchal norms often mean that women and girls have less decision-making power, limited mobility, increased domestic work burdens, less control over assets and income, and less access to nutrition Approximately 1 in 10 people (11%)
Inspites of the growing disturbing statistics of the out of school girls,and the rate of abduction of school girls in Nigeria One thing that we must never ignore is the inherent ability of girls to be the solution to our problems Expecially Countering Violent Extremism that tempers with our peace as we all know without there can be no development. Women and girls are being recruited as suicide bombers and in conflict situations they become twice vulnerable, However, the narrative can change women and girls can switch roles from being recruiters and victims to agents of peace, as well as Countering Violent Extremism Practitioners
If There are over 15 million girls in Nigeria, this only means over 15 million talent and resources that can bring solutions, however, they must not only have basic education but have good knowledge of the use of ICT to life in the present day realities they should be empowered. Ban Ki-moon publicly voiced his support for the Girl Declaration which I strongly agree
” To achieve meaningful results, we need fresh solutions to girls’ education challenges and we must heed the voices of young people.”

They must live in the now, bridging the digital divide, we cannot afford to waste the resources inherent in our girls. Girls should have access to information not just information, but verifiable information. we have to develop and use apps that censors information. Girls must have the whole story to bring us solutions, she has the right to know and to be part of people who will stop disinformation, hatespeech, propagandas e. t.c and like Nathan Faucett puts it and again I agree
” Part of this is on the people. We need to actively seek out information in its entirety. If the people aren’t willing to hear the complete story then over half the battle is lost. Another other part is on our National Security Institutions to work on being transparent and out-front about what we do and why. The final part is on the media, something I think most people would agree hasn’t taken us in any proper direction lately…. ” with all this put in place together with your efforts in bits or big girls can localize the SDGs Expecially Goal 16 Peace and Justice strong institutions. Without peace, stability, human rights and effective governance, based on the rule of law – we cannot hope for sustainable development.

Our role is to commit to develop a girl —Child and of course be deliberate and consistent with the times.



Dear Ijeawele, is a little book with so much insight about Feminism.
What is feminism?
Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve political, economic, personal, and social equality of sexes. This includes seeking to establish educational and professional opportunities for women that are equal to those for men.

Why do some men and women hate feminism?

Is it not all about equal opportunities to reach developmental goals? I remember the argument we had at the just concluded free market principles workshop, when I said women are disadvantaged and need friendly legislation for example, if there is a policy that allows institutions to treat women specially, when they have babies and are in school ,they should have a place close to the class to nurse their babies and still not miss out on any lesson, while she learns and maximize her potentials it is for our own good,and I gave an example with myself and my aspirations to be president of my country, I need all the support while I build capacity and branding towards that direction.that will come with “healthy privileges” In the end is a win win scenerio some one said to me
” fix ur priorities right, then don’t get married or think of having babies” Nobody is disadvantaged, it sounded like do what you want to do but make sure you clean and cook, when you are exhausted, you will know your place. I was really surprised that we don’t even recognize there is an issue and that’s the main problem . Then Nigeria will still not reach gender parity by 2063. But the stakes are high,the earlier we understand the problem the better for us!!! But I think the reason for hating Feminism by both men and female is simple. The emphasy mostly is on the means not the end.

Equality should be the means to an end, The end being Equity, Equity and equality are two strategies we can use in an effort to produce fairness. Equity is giving everyone what they need to be successful. Equality is treating everyone the same. Equality aims to promote fairness, but it can only work if everyone starts from the same place and needs the same help.

What is equity?

Equity is about fairness. Jim Falk and his colleagues put it this way:

“Equity derives from a concept of social justice. It represents a belief that there are some things which people should have, that there are basic needs that should be fulfilled, that burdens and rewards should not be spread too divergently across the community, and that policy should be directed with impartiality, fairness and justice towards these ends.” (Falk et al. 1993, p. 2)
In the narrowest terms it means that there should be a minimum level of income and environmental quality below which nobody falls. Within a community it usually also means that everyone should have equal access to community resources and opportunities, and that no individuals or groups of people should be asked to carry a greater environmental burden than the rest of the community as a result of government actions. It is generally agreed that equity implies a need for fairness (not necessarily equality) in the distribution of gains and losses, and the entitlement of everyone to an acceptable quality and standard of living. This is the bigger picture
This 15 page book, with so much more lessons that few pages can take writes to a woman who wanted a clue on how to raise her girl – child a Feminist . The writer seeks to describe an ideal society, but in fact every lessons there is not practicable, a lot of philosophy are tempered with expecially a typical African setting.
In this book we get to know how gender roles sets in subconsciously and sticks through growing process, we all are guilty sometimes, I caught myself saying to myself, I want to be the vice president instead, then I see the limits appear then I ask myself why can’t I be the president. Is like hmnnnnnnnnnnn…… Female president in Nigeria, you are joking, just like I catch myself saving some particular job descriptions for my husband, like changing the bulbs, servicing the car, carry that heavy item I bought, while I carry the lighter one or nothing at all. it’s so nice to think that men are the issue, but this are things we grow up to see and it seems right, Since everyone is different and we embrace these differences as unique, we must also redefine our basic expectations for fairness and success as contingent upon those individual differences, because differences exist, that is why a woman gets a maternity leave and while I advocate for paternity leave but just a week (on a lighter note) . So my stand will be as long as we are comfortable with the roles, I think is cool, but when it limits a woman from maximizing her potentials then it becomes injustice. If we cannot blame our differences, then we must look to systematic obstacles. A monkey can be said to be very swift, from tree to tree, it swings but it cannot do that with the same speed when it is on the road.

So, I will look at the writers longtime intension not the form it came. Cause some of her lines jumped at me and almost provoked me. Yeah!

We properly will have to stay around pseudo equality or as the author puts it Feminist Lite the one we say “He is the head and I’m the neck’’ in practice that is always trues, it will be OK if we till arrive at destiny, Justice, equity, fairness. So the end justifies the means.
The writer emphasises the role of spoken words and mindset of a girl – child a typical example that comes to my mind is instead of telling a girl,” “sit like a girl” how about, sweetheart, you can actually sit, like this, (show her how) is better!!! Tough right? The emphasy is on how you send messages subconsciously to her, that limits her.
women must have equal rights as men.
The writter gave deep insight as suggestions, one of my favorite is the fact that a girl should be ‘whole’ unlike reality we have girls incomplete in themselves and sadly waiting for a man to make them complete. Getting married should not be the ultimate goal, if she wants to, she should be complete in herself, not dependent on the role of the man in the marriage to make her complete.